LR55 - Light Rail Track
    Affordable Tracks for Urban Areas

What is LR55 ?
LR55 is a revolutionary system of laying light rail track using 2 separate prefabricated foundation troughs, 380mm wide and 180mm deep sitting in trenches only 400mm wide and 200mm deep. Special road reinforcement is NOT required allowing rapid installation of 500 metres per week and allowing Utilities ready access to pipework and cables underneath.

Why is it so revolutionary ?
The rails are weldable low profile rail grade steel weighing 55kg per metre delivered in 18 metre lengths with a 12m radius curve and Switchings and Crossings to match. The rails are bonded using polyurethane, a two pack polymer that is mixed and injected to bond the rails into the foundation troughs and to provide the resilience for load spreading and vibration reduction. The troughs are precast, pre-stressed concrete and are delivered in lengths of up to 6 metres.

This robust structure can take up to 80 tonne axles weight and has been proved in Sheffield since 1996.

Want to know more ?
For an overview of the benefits of LR55 as against conventional track including the latest colour photographs of the Sheffield trial view the first presentation on the right.

Overview of the benefits of LR55
as against conventional track
Presentation to
The Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling
on the benefits of LR55
Our NEW leaflet on the
advantages of LR55